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 Welcome to

Veg Head! 

Veg Head is an inclusive Plant-Based prepped meal service created to make daily health and nutrition more convenient and affordable.

Based in Eugene, our menu includes dishes that you already know and love, dishes from around the world, and innovative meals you haven't tried before.

All dishes are created  with mostly organic/non-GMO, whole-food ingredients.
Who is Veg Head for?
- Do you want to transition to a Whole Foods, Plant-Based diet but don't have the time or knowledge to make delicious Plant-Based meals?

- Are you living a Vegan lifestyle but want to eat food cleaner than vegan junk food?

- Not ready to fully transition to a Plant-Based diet, but want to decrease your carbon footprint with meatless meals every week?


- Are you an omnivore struggling to get more plants on your plate?

Then Veg Head is for YOU!

Week 1 Veg Head Meals
Buddha Bowl
A satiating bowl packed with whole grains, spring salad greens, garbanzo beans, bell peppers, roasted potatoes, shredded carrots, curried cashews, cucumbers, and topped with radish slices and sprouts. Comes with Peanut Satay Sauce. This dish should be enjoyed chilled.
Palak Tofu Paneer
A dairy-free rendition of Palak Paneer. Paneer is a cheese curd originating from India and is replaced with soy curd (tofu) in this dish. Stewed with creamy  coconut milk, garam masala, and pureed spinach, and served with a side of grain.
Flu-Fighter Soup
Warming turmeric and ginger soup crafted to stimulate your immune system with vegetables high in Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene, such as cauliflower, carrots, and tomatoes. You will forget you chose this soup for health because you won't be able to stop eating it!
Scrambled Tofu
with Soy-Rizo

A comforting breakfast dish that can be enjoyed anytime. It is made with scrambled tofu with TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) "Chorizo," served with seasoned breakfast potatoes and guacamole.

Week 2 Veg Head Meals
African Peanut Stew
A staple in West-African cuisine, this rich stew will leave you feeling satiated and comforted -
like a big peanut butter hug!  Sweet potatoes and chickpeas carry the stew, with complex notes of cumin and ginger, and a finish of fresh cilantro.
Cajun Crumbed Tofu with Succotash
A delightful take on southern fried food without the fryer, this dish is the healthy version of good ol' fashioned home cooking! Marinated tofu is crumbed in cornmeal that is seasoned with a spice mix straight from a NOLA bayou and then baked until crispy. Succotash is a beautiful mix of okra, peppers, corn, black-eyed peas, and tomatoes. 
Summer Rolls
Marinated tofu wrapped with cucumber, shredded carrot, spring greens, scallions,  cilantro, and sesame seeds in brown rice paper. Served with a side of spicy peanut sauce. This dish should be enjoyed chilled.
Creamy Cashew Pasta
Penne pasta with a creamy cashew sauce, soy curl Chik'n, spinach, and sundried tomatoes. 

Week 3 Veg Head Meals
Chickpea and
Vegetable Stew

A hearty vegetable stew  with cauliflower, bell peppers, garbanzo beans, garlic, curry, and ginger, and finished with coconut milk. Its complex flavors with tantalize your taste buds.
Superfoods Pasta
This dish is made with gluten-free pasta and is packed with superfoods such as kale, olives, pumpkin seeds, green lentils, and tomatoes. This dish can be served chilled or hot.
Golden Cauliflower
Fried Rice

A unique take on the beloved Fried Rice, this spicy dish is crafted with cauliflower rice, scrambled tofu, carrots, edamame, cilantro, and the beautiful aroma of sesame. Cauliflower is part of the Brassica family and has a natural odor, but don't let that scare you off. Reheat dish and fall in love with this popular meal!
Sage Spaghetti Squash
Usually an Autumn treat, this dish can be enjoyed all year round! A balanced meal of tender spaghetti squash, herbed Chik'n, tart cherries, toasted walnuts, and finished with butter and sage. This dish will never be thought of as a side dish again.

Week 4 Veg Head Meals
Tofu Ricotta Lasagna
Gluten-free green lentil pasta layered with herbed tofu ricotta cheez, TVP italian "sausage,"  tomato sauce, zucchini and spinach. Served on a bed of fresh spinach leaves.
A French stew of eggplant, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, squash, garlic, and fresh basil. Served on a bed of grain.
Passata Tempeh with Mashed Swedes
Lemon marinated tempeh, cooked  with collard greens in a tomato sauce. Served with a side of buttery and herbed mashed rutabaga. 
Gumbo with "Andouille" Sausage
A New Orleans classic with a vegan twist. This hearty dish includes okra, bell peppers, celery, tomatoes , beans, and  Beyond Meat Hot Italian Sausage. 

Week 5 Veg Head Meals
Madras Lentils
This protein-packed lentil and potato dal is cooked with tomatoes, onions, oregano, cumin, curry powder, and coconut milk.  Served with a side of grain.
Grilled Eggplant andSoba Noodles

A marinated and grilled eggplant is the leading star of this dish, followed by dry-fried tofu atop buckwheat soba noodles and garnished with fresh basil. ​​​​​​​Buckwheat soba noodles are naturally gluten-free.
British Brekkie
A vegan twist on the traditional British Fry-Up!  Robust potato medallions, smokey tofu "rashes," fried mushrooms and sliced tomato, and  a side of sauteed greens. To finish properly, this breakfast is slathered with baked beans. Cheers!
Hearty Spring Salad
Not your ordinary salad! You will finish this dish feeling clean and happily full. This dish is layered with grain, mixed beans, spring greens, red onions, vibrant radish, and berries. Served with an oil-free vinaigrette. (Ingredients are subject to change based on availability.)

Week 6 Veg Head Meals
Lentil, Leek, and
Potato Soup

A French-inspired soup with a mirepoix broth and filled out with tender potatoes and lentils. Finished with creamy coconut milk.
Mediterranean Wheatberry Salad
This whole grain dish will fill your belly with artichoke hearts, grape tomatoes, roasted red onions and leeks, and kidney beans. Garnished with "feta" cheez, fresh basil and an oil-free vinaigrette. This dish contains wheat and cannot be made GF.

Smokey Black-Eyed Peas and Collard Greens
A Southern dish usually consumed on New Year's Day for good luck. These black-eyed peas are spruced up with a smoked paprika, wilted collard greens, and served with a side of roasted potatoes.
Coconut, Squash, and Lentil Dal
A dal of butternut squash, lentils, garam masala, and coconut  milk cooked to a creamy consistency and served with a side of grain.

Week 7 Veg Head Meals
Black Bean, Squash, and Sweet Potato Enchilada
A Latin American favorite - this  whole-wheat enchilada is stuffed with summer squash, sweet potatoes, and black beans, smothered with a tart and savory sauce, and baked to perfection. Served with a side of grain. Gluten-free tortilla option available upon ordering.
Sesame Tempeh with Broccolini and Roasted Vegetables
A funky plate of toasted-sesame fried tempeh, grilled broccolini, and roasted vegetables. The sweetness of the fennel, carrots, and tarragon complement  the more bitter notes of the broccolini, while  the nutty flavor of the sesame tempeh brings the dish home. Garnished with toasted pumpkin seeds and served with a side of grain.
Thom Yum Soup 
A Thai hot and sour soup cooked with aromatic lemongrass, cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms, tofu cubes, and simmered in a lime and vegetable stock. Garnished with fresh cilantro and sesame seeds and served over rice noodles.
Southwest Potato and Corn Chowder
A traditional corn and potato chowder with a Southwestern twist!  This soup is spiced up with jalapeno, cumin, and oregano and filled out with black beans for a powerful protein-punch. Finished with lime juice and garnished with scallions. YEEHAW!

Week 8 Veg Head Meals
Portabella Boat with Wild Rice and Greens
A far-out shroomy dish with grilled zucchini and grape tomatoes atop a marinated portabella cap. The dish is completed with cashew alfredo sauce, pine nuts, and fresh herbs. Served with a side of wild rice and sauteed greens.
Mango Curry
This Thai-inspired mango curry is a sweet and savory dish cooked with fresh mango, marinated tofu, a variety of vegetables, and garnished with cilantro. It is served with a side of grain.
Tofu Ricotta 
Stuffed Pasta
A personal favorite - this pasta is stuffed with a dense tofu and basil ricotta, slathered with a sweet tomato sauce, and baked to perfection. It might not look very big, but it is incredibly filling. Served on a bed of spinach.  Available with gluten-free pasta upon request.
Chili with TVP
A classic recipe with a vegan twist! This chili is cooked with TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) to achieve the"meaty" texture missing from most bean-exclusive chilies. It is spicy and not for the faint of heart. 

Week 9 Veg Head Meals
Cubano Black Beans, Sweet Potato, and Cabbage Slaw
Cuban-style frijoles negros paired with a smoked paprika sweet potato mash and a side of lime and cilantro cabbage slaw. This dish is tittilating and intimate.  Cabbage slaw is to be enjoyed chilled. 
Mushroom, Lentil, and Squash Stew
An earthy and sage-y stew of cremini mushrooms, butternut squash, bell pepper, and lentils. Surprisingly flavorful and full-bodied.
Breakfast Tacos
Corn or flour tortillas stuffed with scrambled tofu, black beans, seasoned grains, and spring greens, garnished with cilantro and a side of fresh salsa. Chow down on these tacos for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! No one will judge you. Corn or wheat flour tortilla option available upon ordering.
Cajun White Bean Soup
This New Orleans-style white bean soup is a robust and slightly spicy dish so packed with unami, you'll never guess it's made without the ham hock. Served with a side of dirrrty rice.

Week 10 Veg Head Meals
Loaded Baked Potato with Tempeh Bak'n
A loaded baked sweet potato that stands on its own. This tater is loaded with black beans, corn, salsa, and crispy tempeh bak'n, and then ​​​​​​drizzled with Fiesta sour cream. Good luck finishing in one go!
"Touffle" with Side Salad
This Touffle (tofu souffle) is a savory addition to your morning, or even lunch with hints of rosemary and thyme, and a subtle cheesiness from Nooch (nutritional yeast). It is adorned with a side salad and tamari almonds.
Alfredo Penne with Trumpet Scallops
This "Land and Sea" gluten-free penne dish is paired with soy curl Chik'n and seared King Trumpet scallops so rich and decadent, you won't believe they are mushrooms. The pasta is mixed with a creamy cashew Alfredo sauce and topped with grape tomatoes.
Tuscan Soup with 
Butter Cannellini Beans
A bright Mediterranean vegetable soup seasoned with rosemary, thyme, and parsley, and topped with buttery cannellini beans. 

Week 11 Veg Head Meals
Shepherdless Pie
A traditional dish from the British Isles, this pie is cooked with lentils and vegetables in a red wine gravy, topped with mashed potatoes and cheezy Nooch, and then baked until a crust forms. Served with a side salad and oil-free vinaigrette.
Fiesta Grain Bowl
A simple yet feisty bowl with whole grains, greens, black beans, chopped tomatoes, corn, onions, guacamole, salsa, and drizzled in Fiesta Sour Cream. Gluten-free grain upon request.
BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich with 
Apple Baked Beans
Shredded jackfruit simmered in barbeque sauce is the main character of this Kansas City show, but the apple baked beans definitely share the limelight. This BBQ sammy comes with all the fixin's and is gently held together by whole-grain toast. Presented as a Build-Your-Own sandwich display, this sammy won't arrive soggy...'cuz that's just wrong. Gluten-free bread upon request.
Split Pea and 
Parsnip Soup
One of the head chef's favorite soups, this split pea soup shows courage with the addition of a lesser-known root vegetable, the parsnip. This dish is bountiful and as green as the fields of Ireland (well, maybe not THAT green).

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Week 12 Veg Head Meals
Irish Stout Stew
A traditional stew made with root vegetables, seitan roast, and mushrooms, and simmered in a rich Irish Stout broth. Seitan is a "Wheat Meat" made with vital wheat gluten and is not Gluten-Free. 
Sesame Tempeh with Broccolini and Roasted Vegetables
A funky plate of toasted-sesame fried tempeh, grilled broccolini, and roasted vegetables. The sweetness of the fennel, carrots, and tarragon complement  the more bitter notes of the broccolini, while  the nutty flavor of the sesame tempeh brings the dish home. Garnished with toasted pumpkin seeds and served with a side of grain.
Moroccan Chickpeas
​​​​​​​and Quinoa 
An aromatic stew of turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, paprika, and a slight kick of cayenne. Squash, chickpeas, lentils, tomatoes, and peppers come alive with this delightful Moroccan dish.
Chile Relleno
A vegan twist to the traditional dish from Puebla, Mexico. A poblano pepper is stuffed with a rich cheez sauce, battered with chickpea flour, breaded with cornmeal and then baked to crispy perfection. Served with seasoned rice and black beans.

Veg Head Snak Pax
Spicy Churro
Protein Bawlz
Slightly spicy and full of that cinnamon zest one gets from a traditional churro, these protein bawlz are made with sunflower seed butter, vanilla protein powder, hemp and chia seeds, and sweetened with dates and maple syrup.
Salted Caramel and Maca
Protein Bawlz
A delightful caramel and maca energy bite with a hint of sea salt, these protein bawlz are made with sunflower seed butter, salted caramel and maca protein powder, hemp and chia seeds, and sweetened with dates and maple syrup.
Chocolate and Peanut Butter
Protein Bawlz
A classic marriage between peanut butter and chocolate, these protein bawlz are made with peanut butter, chocolate protein powder, hemp and chia seeds, and sweetened with dates and maple syrup.
Chocolate Hummus
Our chocolate hummus is made with protein-dense black beans to give you 5g protein per 2 oz. cup. It entices you with a dark chocolate fudgy taste and texture, notes of cinnamon and vanilla, and is topped with chia seeds. It is sweetened with pureed dates and guilt-free. Hummus comes with an option of Inka Plantain Chips or fresh fruit wedges.
Chocolate Hummus served with Inka Plantain Chips
Inka Plantain Chips (Sea Salt)  uses Certified Sustainable Palm Oil and is purchased directly from small farmers.
Chocolate Hummus served with Fresh Fruit Wedges
Fresh fruit wedges are organic and include a variety of fruit. Ingredients may change based on season.

The Head Chef is:
Sunshine Danyele 

Passionate Vegan and Plant Chef

Sunshine started cooking meals for herself when she became a vegetarian at nineteen years old. Always an avid lover of food, she was sick and tired of living off of cans of beans and veggie patties. She wanted to be compassionate towards animals AND be able to really dig into flavors and textures provided from the ground (pun intended). So, she started experimenting with her meals.

Ten years later, after a year of living on an omnivorous diet, Sunshine was overweight, sick, and incredibly uncomfortable in her own skin, so she decided to fully commit to the betterment of the planet by adopting a vegan diet and lifestyle. Not only vegan, but on a whole-foods plant-based diet as suggested by the studies and practices by the doctors, dieticians, and scientists featured in several health documentaries (Forks Over Knives, What The Health, and Cowspiracy)

After becoming a vegan, Sunshine lost twenty pounds from diet and walking alone. She took it a step further by joining a gym, training for and completing her second half-marathon, and fueling her fitness with weekly prepped meals she made for her parents and herself. She felt INCREDIBLE and wanted to share her love of food and health with her community by attending culinary school. So Sunshine packed her life into a backpack and flew across the ocean to New Zealand to receive her Chef Certification at the New Zealand School of Food and Wine

After completing her certification, Sunshine moved back home to Kansas City, started working as a prep chef at the cafe of her gym, and completed a certification in Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell University. After many conversations with personal trainers at the gym, she realized just how difficult it can be for some people to not only transition to a healthy lifestyle, but to completely change their perspective on food, protein, and cooking. She knew that the easiest way for her to help people to transition to a whole-foods plant-based diet, or at the very least, to incorporate more plants onto their plates, was for her to cook delicious meals for them.

Veg Head was born and the rest is Herstory. 


To contact Sunshine regarding order enquiries or other questions, please reach her via the options below:

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